My career as a composer began in 1993 with writing the opening music for the Frankfurt Book Fair, performed by the Dogtroup.


In 1997, I composed the percussion piece ‘Beat It’ and in 2000 the music for the television series 'The First Time' by Wilma  Lighthard. (NCRV)


In 2001, the documentary ‘The Flipper Feeling ' (NPS) followed by 'Opportunity ' (Humanist Federation), a two-part documentary about South African nurses who were brought to the Netherlands because of the lack of medical personnel.


In 2003, I composed the music for the English film 'The West Wittering Affair' by David Scheinmann.

The following year two solo percussion pieces 'Bites & Bangs' (for drums and computer) and  ‘Culture Shock’.


The CD ‘To the Power of Three’ had been released from the group Azilut ! where several pieces were coming from my own hand.


In 2012, followed the complete musical soundtrack for the play ‘Fairytale of Stone’ a theatre performance for children by Virga Lipman.


In 2014 / 2015 I have written the compositions for the duo One Plus One. They were frequently performed in Spain and Germany.


In early 2017, I created the new percussion program  ‘Spam’, a show intended for high school students, with advertising for music and music for advertising principles form.


In 2019 there came 3 CDs with only my own work.