Bits and pieces of French, Spanish and Argentinian music popping up in the songs. Still, together a dutch mood remains unmistakably present.The feeling of traveling while staying 'on dutch grounds', watching beautiful scenery pass by."I've always loved movies" Bart says, "I would even sit in front of the television with this little portable tape recorder and tape anything that sounded beautiful or interesting. I like to imagine hearing sounds and conversations with my own music. Really, for me composing or even playing a drum solo is a kind of storytelling." (Other side of Bart is being a Jazz-drummer.) In 1993 he was invited to write the opening piece for the Frankfurter Buchmesse. It is one of the most touching pieces I have ever listen to. Fortunately it is on this CD.

Marijn Philippona July 1998

With this first album my work as a 'composer' for documentaries and film-soundtrack started

MAHALIA'S BABY a result of my music writing for documentaries for Dutch television and soundtracks for film. ?You will hear a lot of Steelpan.

The music is about heat, ranging from the pleasant warmth of the Mediterranean to the scorch of deserts. ?I think the tropical sound of steel pans blend strangely well with latin grooves and almost classical music. ?Relaxed latin rhythms transform into the bare heartbeat of electronics. ?It also incorporates jazz music- the sound of late Miles Davis' muted trumpet.


... is the brand new result of my work as composer for television and film.You might think you are listening to the soundtrack to a movie.?Once the mood is set, and you're into the groove, you feel you know where you're going. ?But then, incident by incident, your expectations are skewed. ?Tunes that start so sweet and harmless they almost fade into the background suddenly employ unsetting harmonies. ?What commences as powdery baroque turns into teasing parody. ?Nothing is what it seems ...


GOOD NATURE another result of my music writing for documentaries for Dutch television and soundtracks for film. ?On this CD I profile myself as a hunter-gatherer of sounds. Pick bits from all different sources-movies, children's programs, ?mother nature, the record shop-and stick them together, filtered, transformed, glued onto electronically generated beats.